sliding floor

I have a house 2 story and the drawers on one side of my house
slide open after closing them because the floor appears to be sloped.
Now i see nothing lookig up from downstairs that looks sloping but the floor
is sloped. what can this be maybe a sagging joist below, any help would be helpful.

How old is your home?


This settled floor of yours could be one of many things going on in your home.

I’ve seen many sloped floors in my life with no apparent structural damage from the exposed underside. But then again, I’ve seen many sloped floors in my life with major structural damage on the underside.

Houses do tend to settle. If there are no apparent structural problems (down below in the exposed areas of the floor assembly), simply live with it and utilize leveling glides like everyone else.

Take a real good look at your structure.
How old is the home?
How long have you lived there?
What modifications have you done?(precisely)
What modifications are you aware of?
What style of roof do you have?
Is there any ridge bending?
This floor condition could be many things…
Maybe the ceiling below has been strapped and leveled?

You need to provide pictures or more verbal info to expect an informed opinion.

Are the drawers out of level?