Slow Flow from water heater

The flow from my 6 year old 40 gallon Craftsman Hot water heater is about half of what the cold water flow is. Water is plenty hot, it just doesn’t flow like it did when new. Have checked all faucets and no restriction.
Any ideas anyone?
Thank’s, Jim…

Check the cold water supply line valve on the WH. That controls the input as well as the output pressure on the hot water side of the system. If it is not fully open that would effect the pressure. You did not say if this was only a recent thing. I occasionally find one with a gate (ball) valve with a handle that may have gotten moved slightly off of FULL open.

When is the last time you flushed it out through the drain valve?

I have seen them load up with calcium in hard water areas.

Are you on Galvanized pipe.?

he doesn’t look like that kind of guy :twisted:
and do you really expect him to admit it, here?

Not galvanized… copper

Glad you do not have that problem.:slight_smile:
I would dis-connect,right at the output side.

That was suggested by a friend of mine. Will try that next to see if I have blockage.

If the hot water pressure was fine when your w/h was new and you’re now seeing a difference, I’ll bet it’s calcium deposits in your faucets. Try taking them apart and cleaning the interior cartridge, to include the aerator.

Another possible trouble spot is a softener is it is connected only to the hot water input to the heater.