SMall balcony - messed up?

Is this Kosher? Short trusses supporting a small balcony.


Judging from only the pictures I would say yes it is okay. From the picture it looks like the back end of the floor truss is sitting in a hanger. On the closest side of the truss there is a step manufactured into the trusses so the other beam can sit inside the trusses.

So this would be considered a minor cantilever of the truss?

Sure looks sturdy.

What does the truss mfg. say?

Look like they are made for this the top 2 x 4 on the truss sits on the beam if im looking at it correctly

It appears that the top cord of the truss is a double 2x4 which is generally the way they are manufactured if that is the bearing point.

I would consider it a cantilever. Looks like about 1/4 of the truss.

Not the brightest design in the World, but nothing wrong with it, from what I can see. :slight_smile:

That’s what I love about this board. You are just like Jews!

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Makes one look a 2nd, 3rd and 4th time, and forces one to THINK!

Tnanks, guys.

On another note, please note that the inner cinder block structural wall has been grouted to the outer brick veneer, at the opening.

And people wonder why they get efflorescence from hell and have water intrusion around their windows.

I will go back and see how they finish this outcropping.

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Hope this helps (although I can’t imagine why :mrgreen: ).

Will, they usually do that to provide anchorage for the Curtainwall system that has not been installed yet.
Typically, they return the brick to close off the two inch cavity, but here it appears they chose to use mortar for the last few inches. :slight_smile:

Curtainwall, CURTAINWALL! This is Chicago. We don’t need no stinkin’ curtianwall!

Marcell. Around here, they don’t do that. I commonly see this around wiondows and they just put the windows in (and with no sill flashing).

Well, I actually erred in my statement, Curtainwall gets anchored on the top and bottom and storefront glazing is what they use to anchor on the sides where they would need solid masonry to attach the system.
When you say they do not use that system there, what do they use?:slight_smile:

Sad to say but my neighbors 17 yr old daughter just did that very same thing…sad time on our block right now

Yeah I just found out this summer that a guy who was my best friend in the eighties did the same thing.

He had a wonderful family and he was a very intelligent guy that read at least on full book every day.

Got me into reading too and had a interesting history of editing a famous underground newspaper in the sixties.

That arrangement appears to be well designed to resist gravity loads. It looks like there is little consideration for uplift at the short balcony, but I doubt it would ever be a problem. There may be some means of fastening the bottom cord of the short trusses to the beam that I can’t see, which would take care of uplift. I can’t see any hanger hardware at the double 2x beam, but I assume it is there.