Small crawl space access

Had call from client and wanted to see if able to inspect crawl that has a 1’ x 1’ access; obviously not physically possible. Anyone use drones or other methods to investigate this area?

Some use R/C cars with lights & cameras.

That sucks already.
Without proper access to the crawl space It should be noted on the report along with images to show why not.
The crawl space will be inspected

If there is sufficient ground clearance I typically recommend cutting a floor access in a closet. There’re several of them in my area.

BIGCrawler360 for the win! 12 x 12 is spacious.


Hello! that sounds like a good idea!

I have one of those little RC cars but I tie a string to it so I can reel it in if I have to, im scared it might get stuck or something.

Scot - When are you going to start selling these crawlers again?