My robotic camera

Hello all. Been reading posts all year but haven’t posted yet. Just wanted to show my inspection camera I built. I still crawl under the house but sometimes there are spaces I can’t get to that I want to see. Just put it together from Amazon partsimage


That has to be 12" to 14" tall, you cannot fit? If using a GoPro, it will interfere with your controller signal. Both on 2.4.

Yes it is 12” tall, and no I don’t crawl through 12” spaces. There is no conflict. I can drive the car, watch the video and control the pan and tilt all at the same time


I see two videos where you use a $2500 robot crawler going into spaces that are 22”-24”. Not trying to bash your business I just thought someone would be interested what $2000 less could do. And yes I am working on lowering camera. The pan tilt mechanism is a little high. Thanks for the feedback. Tony

The large crawlspaces I record and post are because timing and circumstances allow me to do so in the field. If I get a vacant house and it is my time alone I will run and test upgrades. Makes it easier to operate it when it is really needed in the areas that are not accessible that are also posted. I was not offering feedback, just commenting on the picture. I understand you more now by your second response. Good luck buddy.

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Got it down to 8.5 inches. Have tilt but not pan. Isn’t a big deal. Don’t like the camera up front by itself but. Will develop a ramp/cage.


What part of TN are you in Tony?


I head up that way a few times a year since my daughter is at Austin Peay. Nice area.

Cool, I was stationed at Campbell for a while …What’s the rpm on your motors?

Not sure, it is a little quick so you have to be touchy on the throttle. I do have some interference at about 35 ft out. Just experimenting now. I know you can buy cheap cars with cameras and see lots of guys on YouTube that race these things and have a GoPro on top. As far as Tennessee absolutely love the state, great place to live.

I only have to say… WOW…! great idea…! continue to create and improve it…! AWESOME…! and I bet Realtors will love it…!