Small holes in concrete floor

My house is quite old and has an unfinished basement. The concrete floor is in good condition but there are small chips and dents where things have been dropped on the floor. The largest dents are about 1/2 inch deep and up to 2 inches in diameter. Unsightly. I am in the process of patching these up with concrete. Is this OK or will an HI have a field day if I come to sell it?

It’ll be okay…just cover it with a rug.

Just goofing with ya Ian. :mrgreen: There is nothing wrong with patching a floor, it’s done all the time. There are products made specifically for that purpose.

Thanks for that last statement Larry, you put too many spaces inbetween the two though. :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

My pleasure, Marcel. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I try to always enjoy a laugh after a long day…well, really, during the day too. :smiley:

Thank you.


Hopefully you read between the Humor and accepted the right answer from Larry.

Welcome to the joyess family of NACHI where it never gets boring unless you make it to be.


The rug looks great, particularly since it covers my open sump pit.

I like pleasant threads, and this is one. I will say that patching concrete with concrete probably won’t last, since new 'crete won’t bond to old. As previously noted by someone above, they make products just for this. Epoxy mixtures which will bond. As small as your dings are, the new concrete will probably just crumble.

Thank you. I am actually using a concrete patch product that uses an acrylic polymer. It sets very tough, but requires a few applications because of shrinkage and then the appearance of a surface crack i.e. I fill the hole, then need a light recoat to cover a crack that appears once dry. Once I have filled all of the holes, and saved some money, I may get the basement furnished. This will involve putting some form of flooring down to hide my work from HIs.

After reading this forum, I’ve learnt one thing. If it’s broke, don’t try and fix it…HIDE IT! Now, I must remember to screw that sump pump lid down, and blow some snow on the roof!