Says, "Downspout leaking into basement", NO man, no!

the problem is OBVIOUS to some of us, there is an exterior crack in block basement wall !!!

you can see someone tried patching the TOP of crack where it is above grade and they tarred along the perimeter looooll

That crack will extend down below the the concrete driveway you moron. as in this photo

so patching the top of crack doesn’t fix/waterproof the REST of the crack that extends below grade!

The basement will continue to leak in this area until exterior waterproofing is done correctly, in this area.

Don’t give me the crap like, ‘You need to check your downspouts to keep water out of the basement’, nonsense, incompetence.

Fix the dumb downspout but water will still get under the driveway slabs and go through the actual problem, the crack.

— “Keep water out of your house, basement, by installing a landscape drain” loolollllllll

:25 mark he says, ‘The greatest problem source could be the drain tile OR gutter up above is plugged’

Oh so ZERO possibility that there could be 1 or more exterior openings into the house belwo or above grade such as a crack or deteriorated mortar joints, bricks etc belwo or above grade huh?

That’s why those of us with experience would do a water test with a hose BEFORE anything is done, before any money is spent! BUt peeps like this who think they know-it-all will do videos which will spread more BS to those who watch this CRAP

1:05 mark, he says, ’ I found someone tried to fix this problem before by glueing a piece of plastic to the side of the house, it didn’t work’

Well DUH there Mister BIG Pants waterproofer, did they dig down to footing?
YOU don’t know if they did or didn’t.

Did they dig all along the entire side or just in one area?
It matters because there may be openings/cracks BEYOND where they worked! smfh

And again, some people get water inside because there are openings into house ABOVE grade, you never mentioned that possibilty, you went directly into your nonsense on drain tile or gutter pffft, AGAIN, should have done a water test

2:00 mark, can see whoever did previous work used cheap tar etc and they did not bring it up high enough

2:40 yeah, i see the previous pinheads did crap job, again didn’t bring tar etc UP…

2:50 ----- SEE, lolllll, yeah WIDE OPEN — and don’t forget at beginning of video :30 mark previous work did NOT seal that area below grade either! Weak, incompetent, bs… the usual disingenuous crap

You sir did NOT solve the problem, nope!

slap this up again because it’s important and too many are getting bs’d into this junk, its NONSENSE man.

One of nicest old ladies you’ll ever meet, leaky basement ONLY at back corner

She was told to disconnect the BACK downspout extention and run it to the front of house…

and she was told to caulk along driveway-house perimeter, so she did

and she kept leaking

do you SEE the disconnected dumb az downspout ext, NOW directed TO FRONT ??? lololll

Nobody bothered to do a water test with a hose for this nice woman BEFORE recommending the dog crap supposed-solutions = morons of this subject, YES they are.

Too many want to play surface water diverting games outside or they blindly believe the interior basement drainage system scammers

Here is why the stupid basement corner leaked AND the LONE SOLUTION!!! smfh

Hands-on experience is worth waaay more than all the dog sht stupid az ideas and lies we see and hear about, you need to DO–the–job to gain that experience

One would correctly ascertain, the brick requires clearance. Hm.

Are you suggesting cracks don’t stop at grade level? :smile:


But INachi informs us that they do cause moisture intrusion :thinking: :wink:

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ha! how ya doing Mike?

All good here. Glad to see your still sucking air in your lungs.

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