I’m in need of a new roof and considering the smartvent application. Have any of you had any experience with this system?



not enough room for soffit vents?


I’d be a bit leary of new inventions.

Ridge and soffit vents work fine.

How does the AHJ feel about the structural integrity of the roof diaphram with those slits in it?
This only works on cantilevered trusses. If the bottom of the top cord sits on the top plate then the slit will be below the insulation anyway.
It looks like more aurface area for wind and rain to get under the shingles. If you cut the first row of shingles in half to have the tar at the bottom to hold down the first row of shingles where do the nails end up? They end up exposed to the driving rain and end up rusting faster.
Just my two cents.

Reinventing the wheel…

You guys make some good points.

I’ve got soffit vents in the front but none in the back. I do however have continuous ridge and gable vents. I think I’ll skip the smartvent system and just utilize the gables, use continuous ridge again, and remove the insulation from the soffits in front. #-o

This is about as fancy as I’d want to get: