Pure Luck or a good inspector?

The other day I was inspecting a home with an addition added on and it was pouring rain. First I was just going to disclaim the roof but decided to bring out my 27’ extension pole to see if I could see anything and here’s what I found.

What did you find?

Poor valley weave
Missing siding
Missing window

They did a 3 tab overlap in the valley, not the neatest job but I don’t see any issue with it. Vent (??) on gable is probably getting snow let in (j-mold missing?) Siding missing. The ridge vent on the cricket is not a good idea. Appears to be step flashing.

Hopefully you checked the chimney while you were there. Seems to be some issues going on there also.

Good catch. What camera set up do you use? This looks good and gives good range and clarity.

Why would you disclaim an asphalt shingle roof just because it was raining? Or was it because you couldn’t access it?


Another roof pic

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Couldn’t access/visually see entire roof, not getting on wet roofs, not setting ladder up on wet ground/decking.

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Yup, yup!!

Rest of the those pictures tell different story. I have felt for a long time, many/most people should not be allowed entry into a Home Depot to buy construction materials!

Not being there I wouldn’t know if soffit vents exist here. But as I see the ridge and gable vents, are there soffit or box vents? I make recommendations to either add box or soffit and close the gable vents. Seems too many do it yourselfers and many roofing companies don’t understand the theory of air flow in the attic. At any rate having both gable and ridge vent, the air is in and out at the top only. Just a thought as this does indeed look to be an amateur job.

Close gable vents when a ridge is added that is. As long as soffit or box vents exist.

The valley is not weaved properly. You can see tabs on top of one another, that will leak at the seam.

What a mess lol