Smelly Faucet

Hey gang,

Was looking at a 5 year old home with well and septic. Three bathroom sinks and a kitchen sink. I ran all of them, one of them (main floor bath) gave off a smelly odour immediatly, then went away. Not coming from the drain. Its coming from the tap. No smells from any of the other (*couldnt test the bibbs) Its the only one giving off a smell.
I had no answer, and since this is a pre list, I have time to research.

Any ideas? Bad faucet, somthing in that run?? Its copper.


It is common to have odors coming from the overflow. This is easy to fix. Just add water and bleach and run slowly down the overflow. Look under the sink after to make sure it did not cause any water damage.
It is also common for sewer gas to come up through the dry trap if it is not used for sometime.:slight_smile:

Was there a P-trap or was it straight pipe to drainage?

I sometimes get to see some of those DIY jobs.

If there was a P-trap, was there water in it?

Smelly faucet, was it because the water was hard that it smelled?

Would love to help but maybe you could provide a little more information.


Beauchemin Marc-Andre
BMAinspection,com Brossard, Quebec, Canada :slight_smile:

Happens with vacant homes with wells once in a while. Water is untreated like public water. Many times the kitchen cabinets have heating vents underneath them and stay warmer than bathroom cabinets. The sitting water will go stagnant.

If the home has been sitting for a while and the well has not been run, it should be tested for total coliform count as a precaution. Even if the count is ok, I would personally treat the well. It ends up cleaning out the system and the water tastes better anyway… especially near the end of winter.