smoke detectors in bedrooms

Yes I call this out as a saftey issue,but what I want to know is when were smoke det. first requied to be in all bedrooms???:smiley:
Thank you and good night.

Is that a local requirement Bruce?

Centrally located in hallways will work here.

New construction requires smokies in all bedrooms and hardwired Dale.:wink:
Come on buddy I know you have a code book.:stuck_out_tongue:

Brian I was arguing with a Scottsdale inspector last month, he told me to go to hell, there going where the plans call for, which were approved.

I’m sick of arguing with these people. The best thing to do is have a set of plans for the home.

They do what they want, when they want.

Scottsdale inspector, probably a CMI.:smiley:

Certified Mold Inspector?..:stuck_out_tongue:

After they put the fire out…:smiley:

Ahhh that’s right, sprinklers. Forgive me I live in the sticks.:slight_smile:

**Dale Duffy…:stuck_out_tongue: **


Current California building codes require hard wired smoke detectors in the bedrooms. For older homes, I recommend that they install battery power smoke detectors in the bedrooms.

For a while, I was giving away a 3 pack of smoke detectors from Costco with each inspection. I thought twice about it after realizing that I might be assuming liability for their ability or inability to work. Now, I give nothing other than my report.

BTW, I always recommend a fresh set of batteries to be installed in existing smoke detectors. If the smoke detectors are older than 10 years, I’d recommend that they be replaced.

OK but when was it first required in all bedrooms, I mean ya don’t have to be a CMI(rocket scientist) to read the question.

It depends upon when your particular area adopted the national code. Your fire marshalls office should know the answer.

Pretty sure this is a local thing.

Roun herr, new construction requires them in all bedrooms.

Jumps from town to town when selling an existing house, though.

Heck, in my town of about 15,000, there’s no city inspection at all.

Every surrounding town has em.

Look here for that information:

National Fire Alarm Code®