Smoke detectors

My daughter just got a home inspection today in Florida. The inspector said smoke detectors are only required in the halls not in bedrooms. Is this true?

I think they have been required since 1993

Smoke detectors are recommended inside every sleeping area (bedroom) and in the main living area on each level. At least one CO (carbon monoxide) detector is also recommend, especially in homes with fireplaces and any combustible appliances (furnace, stove, water heater).

FBC-R 2010

And then there is a new requirement this year for battery-only units to be replaced with 10yr battery smoke alarms

You may want to check the local AHJ.

According to the Illinois Smoke Detector Act, smoke alarms should be ** installed within 15 feet of all sleeping areas**, with at least one on each floor including the basement

Mark, to answer your question, it would depend on when, and where the house was built. The code has changed numerous times over the years, and also varied from one locale to another in Florida. If it is a new build, they would be required. Older home, depends on the year, location, and code it was built to!

New construction the answer is no.

LOCATIONS - Today’s building code requires that smoke alarms be installed in the
following locations:

  1. In each sleeping room
  2. Outside of each sleeping area and in the immediate vicinity of the bedrooms
  3. On each additional story of the dwelling including basements, but not including crawl
    spaces or uninhabitable attics
    POWER SOURCE - Each smoke alarm (including each low-voltage smoke alarm) is
    required to be hard-wired into your home’s electrical system and provided with battery
    back-up. The only way the building code allows power to the smoke alarms to be
    disconnected is through the electrical panel box by either flipping a circuit breaker or
    removing the circuit’s fuse.

If you use the Florida Building Code, it will only apply to new structures for that year cycle. Use NFPA 101 Life Safety, usually the name alone does the trick…

** **Smoke alarms or a smoke detection system shall be provided in accordance with either or, as modified by

* **Smoke alarms shall be installed in accordance with in all of the following locations:

(1) All sleeping rooms

(2)*Outside of each separate sleeping area, in the immediate vicinity of the sleeping rooms

(3) On each level of the dwelling unit, including basements

** **Dwelling units shall be protected by an approved smoke detection system in accordance with Section 9.6 and equipped with an approved means of occupant notification.

** **In existing one- and two-family dwellings, approved smoke alarms powered by batteries shall be permitted.


**** 553.883 f.s.](
Abstract: F.S. 553.883 553.883 Smoke alarms in one-family and two-family dwellings and townhomes.—One-family and two-family dwellings and townhomes undergoing a repair, or a level 1 alteration as defined in the Florida Building Code, may use smoke alarms powered by 10-year nonremovable, nonreplaceable batter

thank you everyone