Snakes can climb ..Yep!

My home this morning.
Up a vertical wall .

You have some scary snakes in Florida.

I think I’ll name him Mike Larson…Maybe Kevin Wood . Kinda interchangeable names…Huh!..I’m in trouble now!LOL!

Never seen a “not scary” snake before…:stuck_out_tongue:

Not scary on the ground. Scary on walls and in trees, where you don’t expect to see them. :smiley:

I spotted this on my driveway the other day. Looks like he tried to bite off more than he could chew.

Timber rattler?

Did you kill it?

I believe he “was” a Western Diamondback. I hated to do it, but I had to kill him. I like that they depopulate the rodents,but I’ve had too many negative encounters with my cats and dogs. He was a little guy, only about 16" long. I think I killed his three foot daddy last week. It’s snake season here right now.

Winters are harsh up here and further north, but I’ll take em just to not have to check my walls for snakes or my crawlspaces for alligators.:slight_smile:

And earthquakes.:slight_smile:

Met this little guy this afternoon face to face in the crawl space he decided it was not big enough for both of us:D;-)

…so he chased you out, Charley?? :mrgreen:

did You bite it’s head off as usual Charley ?