Snow in Temecula, CA this morning

How crazy is this?

Looks good from here:mrgreen:

You want more. Let me know zip code to ship it to.

Yeah that’s a little crazy for this area. I live in Hemet near the base of Mt San Jacinto; we also got some snow (@ 2000 ft) but not that much. Majority of my inspections are in the Temecula and Murrieta area.

-19 degrees here last night. No big deal.
It doesn’t usually get that cold here. Low 20’s today. Everyone running around without a jacket!

So, what did you do during your snow day Frank?

No snow by me, but we had near hurricane like winds of ice cold wind last night.

Frank, did you steal my snow? We don’t have any snow left here. :wink:

I just moved back to Upstate New York from Temecula CA in May. Usually out there this time of year I would be boasting about how warm it was. Now they have more snow than we do.

:slight_smile: Worked in the office.

I hear it’s cold in California!