I just took the dogs out for the nite…
And shoveled 12 inches of snow from 100 feet of driveway to get to the mailbox and truck…
Any Florida Inspectors looking to Hire…

Yeah check Chicago.
Had to get up early before my morning job and plow the alley.

Trucks on 80-94 are still in a parking lot.

I think we are all sick of winter not half over yet.

Forget Florida with the weird low pay wind mitigation and every Tom ,Dick and Harry doing Home Inspection though.

Amen I agree. I would love the cool weather :).

I guess the grass is always greener somewhere else.

Hey Joseph. what part of west chester? I graduated from Downingtown High back in 87’.

60 days till spring .I will be glad to see it arrive .
This what our front garden has hidden for us.

We can trade places for a while ! Bracebridge has had 54 " of snow so far this winter, and it was -37 C last night (-34 F). :shock:

Agreed Chris and all the plows are running out of room to put the snow. Snow banks are higher than buildings and trucks breaking down everywhere.

It cooled off a bit for us yesterday. Our high was 77 degrees 8)

We only have a ground cover of snow, just cold right now (7 degrees)

I actually like this time of year, it is peaceful, quite and the air is crisp & clean.

I have a jeep 4 X 4 that I have yet to try 4 X low. I also purchased a good snow blower this time around.
I like to use my snow shoes when we get enough snow.

I enjoy the change of seasons & appreciate when spring arrives.

My cup of Joe taste pretty good right about now after coming in out of the cold. I just started drinking coffee and the Mocha is pretty darn tasty

Just keep those metal pens out of you mouths or you will talk funny!!

…Just had to throw that out there, Eh Jeffrey !! :frowning:

-25C here today. It’s about as crisp as I want it to be. Oh the wind chill is -41C. Only four feet of snow though! It ok though, spummall is coming. We only have two seasons now. Freakin cold and warmish.!!

T-shirt weather up here again. High of 63 and sunshine.

What is the altitude were you reside?
You got to be high with the buzz of the Broncos!! You are a Steeler fan right!!
Buy any weed lately!!:cool:

I were my T shirts but under about 5 layers when I go out!!

With the way you have run the Nachi organization how about interviewing for the Browns Coach position.

I’m telling you, if it wasn’t for the weather, there wouldn’t be much reason for me to stay in this state.

8,600 feet above sea level.

Personally I like 4 seasons.
Makes life more interesting.

Nick is correct. The weather here has been in the 60’s. tomorrow it will dip down to 29 and light snow. Then back up to the 50’s and 60’s the day after.
We have had less than 12" of snow in central Denver this season.
We did have one week when it got down to -15.

Not good for Skiing

We don’t ski in Denver. The skiing is in the mountains where they are having a great year for snowfall. :cool:

Denver is at the lower left.

My son is back at Peterson Air force base now He loves CO. he ski’s and snow boards.