My morning inspection.

Mountains 45 minutes west of Denver. Rain in Denver, Snow at 9500’

DAMN! Its still mid 80’s here!

We might get our first frost tonight.

We haven’t had any snow in Denver yet. Just rain and that has only been in the past week. Before that it was warmer than usual.

I guess I could post this picture on the “What do you drive to inspections” thread. LOL.

1999 F-150 4x4

Yes, was out looking at a new snow blower.

My mother in law bought me a Kubota with a 5’ mower and a 5’ blower…bring on the snow

No snow in our forecast. Pic from todays inspection at Waihee Valley, Maui.


It’s starting here too.

102 today…

Hope it won’t be like last year.

But it’s a dry heat!

Still running from a/c in car/truck to a/c in house to a/c in malls to a/c…anywhere???

Minus 18 right now on the rock pile. Winter is here.

Took my Harley up there about two weeks ago and they wouldn’t let me up the auto road to the summit. 55 mph winds with gust over 70. Now I’ll have to wait till next year.

Starting to get frost in Montreal Quebec.
I can not wait to put some wax on my skies.
Love back country sking and just hiking in the bush.
My favorite time of the year.

Tuckerman’s Ravine. This was taken last year but thought I would share.

I climbed this once in June and there was still snow there.

You sky it Peter.
Love to do telamark on that bowl .
Its is lovely and do apreacate the photo.

No way would I ski that, I’d kill myself.

Climbing it was bad enough.

If you can climb without gear you can ski that puppy.
If you are a climber or like to learn try ACC.
They are all over the world. They have clubs in the states and if my memory is correct on in New Hampshire.
Alpine club of Canada. ACC. I belong and its Ike mended people of the same intrest of outdoor sports. Sking, Climbing Back-country, Look into it Mr. Russel or any one else with that life style.

Thanks Robert I will.

I like to hike in the mountains during the summer and snowshoe in the winter.


Nice picture of the Cog railroad coming down the mountain.