So any guesses what caused this

This is from today’s inspection . Any guess what cause this . Just curouis i know what it is , I truely believe thermal cams are the way to go.



Hard to say without more info. but my guess is

A. Water intrusion from the 2nd story roof, or
B. Depending on the delta T, it could air infiltration/ex filtration due to the improper installation of the siding/soffits and roof framing of the farmers porch

More info needed

It’s heated up with the siding expanded out there. Is it a heat duct/boot leak?

temp was 116 at the center ,outside temp was 70 cloudy.
No roof leak, no problems with flashing
Not a problem with furnace venting.
not a problem with water

Lack of nailing in the vinyl siding is causing an air pocket to heat up under the siding.

I noticed a large buckle under the siding to the right of the porch roof.

The suspense is killing me !!!

Ok i will not make you all wait. Besides The youngster Sean will be spilling the beans ( i already told him. I could not find the dryer vent sooooo. we turned the dryer on and behold there it was. house was built 7 years ago. another scaring thing i checked the next home same thing. . LOL i be watching the news to see if any fires happen in the subdivision .

An exhaust venting in porch roof.

Close Marcel. dryer vent into the siding


Nothing surprises me anymore…

I’ve seen bulge in drywall due to a forgotten receptacle but this is a first for me!

Clothes must have taken a long time to dry…

Well, DUH, the original homeowner wanted “blown-in insulation” !!!

LOL well it did warm the wall

Great find Wayne!

What worries me , is how many others are like that in subdivision, i seen one next door for sure, hopefully no fires will start.

Talk to the local fire marshall and let him know what you found? Ya know, on the lines of doing your civic duty for the safety of the residents. Shouldn’t take them long to canvas the subdivision looking for non-existant dryer vent outlets.

Heck, you never know. If discovered to be a widespread problem, you may get some free publicity in the newspaper and the local news station.

I can see the siding bulge, on the regular picture.

Great idea!

Great find, Wayne. Infrared imaging is definitely the way to go.

That’s a good find but it appears that the thermal cam did nothing more than provide a pretty picture of a condition that you discovered using your skill and brain.

Seems to me you would have written up the dryer duct thermal cam or not.

Very true John, but it confirms where it was venting, Less problems with agents, Btw the thermal scan has been a plus in many other inspections,As far as i am concerned it a great tool. Plus the pretty picture also shows where the moist hot air has been traveling so when repairs are done a better idea what needs to be checked for damage. Maybe not a must for inspectors but a bonus for the inspector and buyer. After all is that not why we got in to the HI business to provide the best for our clients.