So some home inspectors and engineers recommend to homeowners to MONITOR existing foundation cracks

… ‘home inspector recommended that the cracked foundation be monitored’…
…Judge wrote, 'There appears to be a GLARING omission in the recommendation that the situation should be merely monitored as opposed to sealing the crack

The buyers retained a different home inspector as an expert witness… that witness testified that the first home inspector failed to emphasize the impact and severity of the crack…

Honey, what are we doing next weekend?
Ok well do you want to MONITOR the foundation wall crack with me?

short video example, some home inspectors would have told buyers here something like, ‘Oh well you’ll be fine, the crack was injected AND they installed an interior drainage system’.

i know for certain ‘some’ home inspectors would say/claim this incompetent crap because i have witnessed this incompetent crap for DECADES!! Buyers have shown me the home inspectors written reports! sheesh loololll

All they are doing is cheating the buyers.

Some would have told buyers/other homeowners to… raise and slope the grade and THAT would solve the leaky basement… wrong again.


What you are missing in your argument is evidence.

Your material: ‘The buyers retained a different home inspector as an expert witness… that witness testified that the first home inspector failed to emphasize the impact and severity of the crack…’

Having acted as expert witness on several occasions, and about to do so again in January on several regards, due to the fact I have been accepted as an expert witness in court by the defendants lawyer and self professed engineer, although that was not case case after I cross examined his statement, back in 2012 if my memory is correct, is the lack of ‘inspection expert’ and the ‘presumption of the purchaser/buyer.’

(1) For one, one must emphasize, the ‘impact and severity’ as well as explain the type of foundation, to which yo have failed to provide.
(2) You article. (On April 3, 2017, Ontario also passed legislation requiring home inspectors to be licensed and to have proof of liability and errors and omissions insurance.)
Actually that would be incorrect much like most of the material you represent on the MB.

Maybe, one day, when you are a foundation expert you will understand. I personally hope for the good of the organization you just post good solid material until then but that hope keeps on diminishing yearly.

i AM an expert on this subject, dweeb-brain. God you need help. plz go get it

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Seems like a bad judgment to me. I understand the principle though, the client should be aware of the possible severity of the problem. It seems like good insurance would have gotten rid of this one.

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Who claimed to be a foundation expert?
Not me.

I claimed I had been expert witness and expert of fact and have been on several occasions.
Learn how to read.

Secondly. Your ‘source’ has it wrong. Ontario did not pass legislature creating a bill requiring home inspectors to be regulated. That type of assertion would surely raise and eyebrow or two from attorneys hearing that or reading a deposition if you were a “deponent.”

:thinking:You giving expert witness in court would surely go without notice.

Fortunately, I recommend all foundation cracks or gaps be sealed and monitored or further evaluation required by a licensed foundation installation and service contractor with inhouse engineer when need be.

I concur. Unfortunately we do not have any material to use as evidence except for the OP’s rough use of the English language, a video that I will not watch, 2 cartoon illustrations, due to inability of the OP to post his thoughts clearly and succinctly, that is not my fault. I told the OP ten years ago he needed linguistic help. Like the shark in his cartoon.

JJ’s got the idea. maybe he understands.