Soares Grounding And Bonding Seminar For Nachi Members

Soares Grounding And Bonding Seminar For Nachi Members

So where and when are they? Sign me up if you’re in my area.

Soares Book on Grounding, 9E, 2005 NEC (Book)

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Soares Book on Grounding, 9E, 2005 NEC (Book)

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    Always controversial and mysterious, grounding has puzzled experts and caused non-experts to quake. IAEI has brought grounding down to earth in this updated book; and through the use of examples and detailed illustrations, the theory of grounding and bonding are set forth clearly, allowing you to quickly and easily master the subject. Step-by-step instructions for reducing hazards through design and installation of grounding in electrical distribution systems are given. Also covered are requirements for information technology equipment, limited energy and voice/data/video (VDV), neon signs and outline lighting, and other systems. Tables, charts, and formulas provide information on grounding electrode conductors and more. View table of contents

View Appendix A - The History and Mystery of Grounding](

Here’s a picture I took of a new 3W, 4/0 AL AWG, Type SE cable that was installed for a 200 ampere single phase, 120/240 volt dwelling service.

I’m interested in this book, where can I get a copy? Barnes and Noble doesn’t have any and Amazon has a history of selling me a book just to tell me months later they don’t have it.

I was going to PM or email you but I see you have these capabilities diabled so I will post here.

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Go to: to order this book.

Thank you, I always mean well and try to help whenever I can.

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PS: I will be in Green Bay, and Milwaukee, for NEC seminars the week of 11/6.

See the locations over on: Stop by if you want and watch me do my thing, bring your laptop too if you want.