Soffit Baffles

Today was the first time I’ve seen a builder use cardboard for soffit baffles. :shock:


I had an inspection today where there was cardboard around the attic hatch opening to keep the cellulose spray insulation from falling into the home (or on your head) when you open the hatch. That was nice. No surprise or mess to clean up.:wink:

Too funny. :smiley:

I’ve heard about the use of this type of baffle, just never have seen them. I’m use to inspecting 103 year old dumps that don’t even have soffit vents. :mad:

Very common here. What’s the problem with it? Why is sytrofoam better?

Never said there was a problem with cardboard baffles. I did say I’m not use to seeing them.

looks like a pretty neat install compared with what I am used to seeing…thanks for the pic…jim

That’s crazy I didnt even know that was an option (of course I am new), is that effective??

It can be but at some point the cardboard should be notched around the trusses so the dam it is creating extends to the outside of the top wall plate to preserve the insulation value of the wall system and reduce heat loss.

Hi guys,
the cardboard baffles are used alot in modular construction.
I see it all the time here.

It can cause cold spots at the wall/ceiling if the insl. blower doesnt get it under the cardboard the six inches out to the eave. But is a neat job and does not collapse in the heat.

The term used for these would be “ventilation chutes”

It appears that this builder just used regular cardboard sheets stapled to the bottom of the upper chord. There are better pre-made products.

Installing ventilation chutes is only the first step. You must create an airtight wind deflecting “baffle” between the top of the exterior wall and the shute to keep cold air from infiltrating into/through/under the fiberous insulation installed on the wall top plate. This is not done well on most new housing!!!

Here in the west allot especially the attic hatches to prevent me from looking like a snowman!

I see them all the time in new construction. For some reason, mostly in the 1 Mil + houses.

Guess they gotta save money somewhere.

They are OK to use, but most of the time they are not installed properly.

See these all the time around here. I’ll note in my report whether they are present or not. Cardboard is the most common material. The attic hatch is usually something more substantial than cardboard though.

Do they deteriorate at all with moisture, not used here so much.

Have just started seeing them around here. Noticed that they are not as fool-proof as the formed styrofoam kind. On one house they were tight against the decking 50% of the time. On another house they used both these and the styrofoam ones.

Not sure about the moisture question…don’t think it would be a problem around here, but not positive.

Quite a bit of older discussion regarding the use of cardboard soffit baffles but none discussing the roofing felt soffit baffle (the particular installation was across the rafter face but it I’ve seen tacked between rafters online during research) After seeing these, Ive since even speculated about the use of radiant barrier materials as a soffit baffle, or any other conceivable material. While the across-the-rafter install certainly exceeded the 1’ minimum spacing for airflow, I’ve was at a loss for how to explain the positives and negatives of non-standard materials. Can anyone provide a detailed explaination?

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