Soffits Covered on Masonry and Stucco Only?

Hi all, student here. While on a walk this morning, I noticed these “metal” sheets overlapping the masonry and stucco facades. I did not observe the covers over the vinyl siding. I noticed them on each of the buildings in this condo complex. What is the reasoning behind their use? (I tried Google, but didn’t find any relevant info).

The only other venting I observed was box vents near the ridge line. I assume the air intake from the soffits have been reduced…

It looks like they are trying to hide some gaps. With the entire soffit being vented, I don’t think that these “sheets” are going to reduce ventilation below the required minimum.

It’s possible that it was put there to prevent birds from nesting on the small ledges.


The first arrow sheet covering the soffit looks like it could get blown off easily…see gap on left.

Yep, those look like something retrofit to address a problem of some sort. I agree birds are a good bet.


Soffits can be vented or not. Meeting in the middle is moot.