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Hi all. I’m a soon-to-be-certified HI, changing careers and looking forward to working for myself. I’ve read a lot of the posts regarding HI software and recommendations, but it seems like most of these are a couple years old, and tech changes so quickly. I thought I would pose these questions to you all:

  1. for a new inspector, is there one software program that is really helpful to a newbie? To be clear, I don’t have problems with tech in general or learning software. I’m talking more about a program that makes sure I really cover all the things I need to cover, something that won’t let me miss a big potential problem (if, in my excited newbie state, I forgot to look at the roof, as a dumb example).

  2. as for platform to run it on, I’d love to do it all from my mobile device (LG Velvet), but I’m concerned about screen size limitations and the annoyance of constantly scrolling. So I’m thinking a tablet device is the way to go. Any strong recommendations there? I’d prefer to not use Apple devices if possible, but if you all say it’s the only way to go, then so be it. Or if you say that working off a mobile device is quite easy, then great!

  3. and not really a question per se, but I will be working in Oregon, so if there is a program that is better suited to that state’s requirements, please advise.

Thanks in advance for your collective wisdom!


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You might look at software that offers a per report fee rather than a yearly base fee. As you start out this is a great option to keep costs low.
I bought a new iPad for inspecting. I found it too large and cumbersome to be useful. I inspect with my iPhone 11 and review everything on my iPad before I publish it. I’ve been using Inspector Nexus. I chose this software based on how the finished report looked. I tried others that were more user friendly but I hated how the report looked.


Thanks for that feedback, Walter!

I would start with looking at what the sample reports look like and reviews from users. Then review their compatibility with the hardware you choose to use. Like Walter said, choose a fee per inspection to start out with. Best way and you swap over later.

I’m all Apple and went with Tap Inspect and have been very pleased all around.


Thanks Thomas. When you say user reviews, you’re referring to inspector reviews, and not the client’s review of the report appearance, correct?

Michael, our own Kenton Shepard put this together to help choose software:

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Most softwares you can take for a test drive. 5 free reports…Take advantage of that. I didn’t and had lessons to learn.

Yes, inspectors as being the users. Generally reviewing the whole aspect of the software top to bottom, including presentation.

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I went with Spectacular…very easy to use from the phone
25 reports are 125$, but i will too be posting up a thread to discuss how to change things around on it that I don’t love

So Chris… what do you think of Spectacular?

Im not thrilled with it, I am finding it difficult to navigate and trying to figure out how to customize it for my liking. I do like the pay as you go format but as I said I’m not excited

You might consider inspector nexus. I found it easy to customize and it’s very mobile friendly. With it and others is all about how you build your template.


I think Jeff Pope did a great job with Inspector Nexus and I would be using it if not retired. He’ll give you free reports to try it. Tell him I said to contact him. You will be happy you did.

Customizing seems to be my biggest gripe with spectacular… I like the pay as you go option for nexus, so I might need to add this and try it out, especially since you guys are recommending it
I’m actually a busy GC and only do about 3-5 inspections a month as I find time to fit the in

Nice, Chris!

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We use spectora with apple devices. Mobile does wonders done when we leave the site. Put the pictures in as you go along, goes really quick once you set it up for your style.