What is the best budget HI software for beginners in 2022?

Hello folks,
I am struggling with the research to find out what could be the best software for me as I am just starting to do home inspections full time in Florida and my resources are limited to be investing in an expensive software.
What software do you recommend for a single-inspector company that includes a decent mobile app that does not deteriorate the resolution of photos when attaches them to the pdf report and a synchronized desktop app to review-finish the report. Preferable to be compatible with the InterNACHI narratives library, if not, with a broad built-in library.
Subscription may be between the $40-$60 monthly.
Unbiased advices are welcome.
Thank you in advance for your comments.

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I do not know if I can be considered unbiased if I have only used HIP. With that said, I have only found the need to use one.

To me, the software that beginners are using should be no different than what the most seasoned inspectors use. Next to insurance, it is the most important investment that you will need to make.


Most if not all software companies offer a “free trial”. Try some out and see what works for you. Quality software costs $$$ no matter which one you choose.


Michael, this article on Choosing Software might help you narrow your field of choices: Choosing Inspection Software – InterNACHI Inspection Narrative Library


Thank you Jeff. I consider a comment biased if the person who talks represent the software company or have any interest or benefits from that company, otherwise, it would be a satisfied customer sharing good experiences from its use.
I am trying several trials, but all of them have pros and cons. HIP could be strong, or has good tech support, or used among several inspectors, but I personally don’t like the interface.

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Thank you Mr. Shepard, I would really enjoy having a software loaded with the narratives developed by you as I respect a lot your work and dedication to the Association. I will explore in a deeper manner the systems on that list that are compatible with the narrative libraries.
I hate to say this but, even its huge popularity, I didn’t fall in love with HIP at first sight.

Thank you Mike,
I know that you get what you pay, however, many of them fall within an acceptable range of prices, but I have read complaints from every side. One important hint would be which one is the software with the fewest crashes, for example.

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Many experiences will be anecdotal of course.

The least expensive is to use a self made word or excel document.

As for my 2 vents, I have been using Home Gauge desktop for many years and it has been completely stable.

However, I have no practical knowledge of their mobile software.


Thank you. Their website doesn’t say much about the HG Companion app (to not say nothing). I am trying to use the desktop or web versions just to finish the job originated from a mobile device. Dragging and dropping photos after the physical inspection consumes a lot of time.

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Hi Kenton,

Can I upload your narratives for Spectacular on the $59/mo plan too?
Do they offer any discount for InterNACHI members? I don’t see any offer on the InspectorOutlet store.

I started out in 2017 with ReportHost. They have a mobile app that is very stable, a very affordable pricing structure that grows with you/your business. Their customer support has been great- when I have asked questions, and the upgrades are free. I use the mobile app to select things onsite (no internet or wifi needed onsite) and import and edit pictures from my digital camera. I could do it all with my phone on the mobile app-I personally just like to take too many pictures and like to have them all in one place. The reports are published electronically and stored on their servers and I have full access and can save PDFs if I wanted to. Internachi members get 10-15 free reports to try it. I have not moved on from ReportHost and don’t plan to. I have customized my templates, and my logo/branding is on every report. I don’t get any kickbacks or reward points from them if you try them out. Hope it helps!


I use EZ Home Inspection software and it does everything I want. They also have a free trial period. You can try it and see if you like it. That’s what I did.
EZ Home Inspection Software : Affordable, easy to use report Software


I have used this software for 9 years, completely customizable, there is a 26 minute video in the link that walks you through some of it features and ease of use.
3D Mobile Inspector FREE companion app.
Best part it’s NOT a subscription software.

But as others have said try out free trials from other programs and see what works for you.

3D Inspection System | 3D Products | About | User Community


I use spectacular and have been using Kenton’s narratives from the beginning, it’s worked out good for me. I’ve been constantly making changes but that’s something you’ll have to do with any software. I’m also in Florida, and spectacular has a good four point and wind mitigation template that allows me to complete both of these reports in10 min top. From the very beginning Aaron has had very good customer service and any questions or problems I’ve had I email him and he gets back to me within minutes and is usually able to resolve my issue right away. It’s easy to send the pre inspection agreement using the app and most importantly for me it works with Apple which is what I use, but it also works with windows. I’ve been happy with spectacular so far.

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Hi Yacdiel,

Thank you so much for the feedback. So far, the first impression out of Spectacular has been good for me. I will keep trying it to explore all of its features.
You are right, a good and fast 4P and Wind Mit is a must in Florida. What part of Florida are you doing business in?

Thank you William,

I really loved their interface, easy to use and quick sync between mobile and desktop, but InterNACHI narratives cannot be uploaded. I out EZ HI face to face with Spectacular, and I’m leaning more toward Spectacular.

I’m in Tampa.

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Thank you for your feedback Neil.
Even though it is not a subscription software, it looks like you need to pay the renewal subscription to catch up with the latest updates and keep the cloud service active.
However, what I liked is that it comes with an office management feature included in the price. Did you find it useful or you are using a separate office management software?

InterNACHI Member Offers. Only $1.

That is correct, but minimal cost once a year.
I use ISN for management and it integrates with 3D seamlessly, but i didn’t when i first started, the management is fine but i wanted more and the ability to send agreements to be signed electronically.
Check out the tutorials I think the 3rd line down here. 3DInspectionSystems - YouTube