I am looking at switching software for my inspection business. Can anyone give me their thoughts on the best, easiest to use, and read software out today? Thank you for any input
Anthony Walker

What do you currently use?

When you use reporthost there are no updates no add ons and no questions… It’s just right.
They update the server and remote program constantly and keep you up and running.

I current use InspectIT

Frank any other thoughts on software-i.e 3 D software??

There are dozens of threads on software.

Try starting here:

I say test drive Home Gauge and Home Inspector Pro. I currently use HIP and like it. I’m running on a Mac environment which HIP is compatible with. The customer service and support is great. I haven’t tried HG since it is not Mac compatible.

I use Homegauge.

Thank you!

It really depends upon if you are looking for software to use in the field DURING your inspection or software you will be using later at your office AFTER your inspection. One will be geared towards data collection and the other will be more geared towards creating a report.

I use PalmTech. I like the way my reports look but upgrading templates & libraries is a mystery. Their Tech Support would not help when I asked for a simple set of instructions to get this done.

I was told that they “cant possibly do this” and to watch all of the endless, poorly made tutorials. I emailed my dismay with the above answer and still have not gotten a solution from them. That was months ago.

One solution they give you is to watch the Monthly Webinar. It is mostly a sales pitch where they play the same useless tutorials. The questions I posted were replied to with “Watch the tutorials”.

I would stay away from Palm-Tech unless they vastly improve their tech support. I have written user manuals for some pretty sophisticated software and can tell you that they do not try to put themselves in your place. Once they have your money, expect, “Watch the tutorials. It’s all there”. It’s not.

I use NoticeWare Reporter! Shameless Plug Here!

HIP Rocks
Best support and help anywere! Hands down the best