Soil Vent distance requirements?

I can’t find the distance requirements as fast as easy as I want. The home has a 3 inch PVC pipe coming out of the ground (like 1 foot high) near a air intake and exhaust pipe for the new furnace (2ft away actually). Also 3 feet from stairs going to a sliding glass door (lower than the door). So it is under air intake for heating unit, under a sliding door blah blah. I doubt (not my job to care I know) they will just extend it straight up to the roof because it will go right in front of windows on the side of sliding glass door and another window at 2nd floor. So I have no interest in providing suggestions for remedy however when I put it on the report I want to describe distance requirements if I can.

Also I have never seen a public sewer vent stack come out of the ground. I have only seen this with septic systems. But both realtors advise this is public not private. Thank You in advance.

In a rush I did not think of going here. Thanks!