Plumbing vent Chimney Distance

Is there a required distance between the plumbing vent and the chimney. I inspected a home and they were only inches away.
vent and chimney

What type of flue is being combusted?

The 10-2-3 rule not only applies to the roof surface, but to any object.



Lead flashed vent has probably been there forever unharmed. If the flue was 6 inches from the asphalt shingles, that will be a different matter.


The flue is for the furnace and water heater.

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Natural gas, LP or, heating oil.

pictures of that orientation are hard to determine height differernces, which are quite important I think,

Here is what I get from Plumbing Vent Distances & Routing Codes
Table of Plumbing Vent Clearance Distances to Building Features
Nearest vertical surface, distance to plumbing vent - 12 inches from nearest vertical surface.
Nearest window, door, opening, air intake, or ventilation shaft: distance to plumbing vent. - 10 ft (120 inches) from nearest window, measured horizontally - OR 2 ft. (24 inches) above nearest window [or other opening listed at left], measured vertically.

Sorry for the edit, Brandon. Never ran into a situation like this so I added the link.

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To my knowledge there is nothing in the plumbing, mechanical or F/G code that addresses this installation. Save all the comments here in case you have to defend not mentioning this in your report. No proof that that is prohibit or unsafe.