Solar dome on roof

This is my first time seeing one of these. Do you guys run into them often? It was the only one on the roof and it seems weird to have just one in my opinion.

Yes some people like them—sloped-roof—13-inch.1000811556.html?eid=PS_GOOGLE_HD+%7C+E-Comm_E-Comm+%7C+W%26D+%7C+DSA_DSA_Windows+%26+Doors_dsa-348294853169&gclid=Cj0KCQjw9ZDeBRD9ARIsAMbAmobnUs_8Mzqk7aPeAp4la-8ct_zAlqdVO2bTT6waV1asRpYkM3exjCIaAv9LEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=CNXU5dPPid4CFcu_wAodxwENgg

Flexible Sun Tube- Sloped Roof - 13 Inch


Thanks Roy…I knew what it was just never saw one installed before. I guess for $425 + at least a few hundred to install, might be the reason they have only one huh. I wonder what that condensation drips on though

I see them all the time.

Interesting thanks Ian. Whats the deal with all the condensation though. It was a rather cold morning that day but does all that run back down the duct?

I’ve never noticed condensation in one.

I’m in Southern California, so the weather is very different than Illinois.

I do suppose all that condensation could become an issue.

yep SoCal is a bit different :slight_smile:

Roofing tar application is a nice touch. It needs removed from the bottom of flashing. Was the duct insulated?

haha yea that tar is a nice touch for sure. I was only doing an Owens-Corning roof data job so I didn’t get to see what was going on down there. Wish I could’ve because that condensation has to be a problem of sorts.