Whiz kids

Alright you construction whiz kids tell me what is going on with these shingles:p;-)

It just sprinkled?


Looks like the tar is bleeding through. Hot attic? No air movement?

well ventilated gable, soffit vents with solar operated attic fan

They have the measles:mrgreen:

I would guess they were power washed and this caused that spalling.

Or, sap from tree branches.

Soft hail.

Do you know?
Mineral spirits.
A larger pic of the roof would be good…
Are these all over the roof on in different sections?


Please send the prize to my mail box!

The marks look uniform across the roof but random in pattern and roughly similar in size. I think it’s something that fell out of the sky. If it were biological or caused by condition related to temperature or sunlight it would vary in size and with location on the roof.

Wait… this is what happens when the roofing crew chews Red Man!

Looks like a roof that has been cleaned for heavy MOSS ?

Well kids a couple of you X contractors were very close but the** technical identification **is Sleet impact it was just starting to sleet while I was up on the roof and it melted on impact. :twisted::twisted::mrgreen:

I was just curious how many different answers you guys would come up with and Frank almost mess up my game with his sprinkles;-) on the first guess

We don’t do sleet here so I’m exonerated…LOL

OK, well what’s the difference between soft hail and sleet?

The size anyway that is what she said:p:D

Spelling! :slight_smile:

Charley using golf shoes during repeated subsequent roof inspections…?

I think Frank won this …
It was sprinkling sleet.

Any candy lately Charley?

Ya should come around more often Mr Stucco I been missing you and your smoked meat, hows the family.

I am getting ready to bid a big IR job up in the Great State of Kansas Bid one in Tulsa yesterday and turned one down yesterday in Fort Smith Arkansas