Solar Heating Tubes Pool Inspection

I have an inspection coming up and the owner specifically asked if I will be inspecting to ensure that the solar heat tube arrangement for heating the pool is functional. I know the pump is what drives the circulation of the water through the tubes, but I’m wondering if there’s anything special I should be on the look out for while inspecting it, other than valves, pump and piping?

Hi Keith, I use to own a home that had solar panels to heat the water. Basically the water comes out of the pump and is re-directed through the tubes in the panels. There should be a gate valve that controls it.

Things to look for are how are the installed on the roof, I’ve seen them (my own house included) where brackets were nailed through the shingles and not sealed.

Depending on the size, some are 8 feet long, and need some sort of strap in the middle to prevent the wind from getting under them.

Also, small leaks can develop where the tubes terminate at the top and bottom, most are connected together using rubber unions which can also leak.

Overall they’re are pretty effective and I always got a few more weeks out of the year with them.

Thanks Peter!