Solar Power

A new development in my area is going up where the majority of their electrical power is supplied through solar panels.

The panels take the place of roof tiles.

Just thought I’d share. . .



Thanks for posting Jeff. Very interesting concept.

Too bad I hear you would need to many square feet to power a city.
Also strange they are so expensive and made out of the most plentiful element on Earth. Sand

Photovoltaic shingles.

Have been watching them for a while. They would be perfect in my area. Assuming you could get the HOAs to allow them from a cosmetic standpoint. From the research I have done, with my roof and this climate, I could probably provide between 50 and 75 percent of my electric power with them.

But the upfront cost is still prohibative and I am unsure how they will survive our periodic hail storms. Hard to justify a 10 year plus ROI time when we tend to get a new roof from a maijor hail storm every 7 - 12 years.

Great idea though. Just need the price to come down.

Any idea on output per Square?

This is a brand new community being built in my area. This is only one of the first eight that have sold. All are being built with these panels, tankless water heaters, high efficiency heating/AC units and increased insulation within the walls and attic.

The cost is built into the purchase price and they have their own HOA. The home I inspected was just over 3200 sq ft and sold for $785K, which is pretty much average for this area of Los Angeles.

What’s hail? :wink:


It is the higher power’s notice that you should contact your insurance company and get a new roof for your deductable. Kind of like email or snail mail, but louder.

Also sometimes tells you that your car needs new paint or minor body work - if your wife has too much junk in the garage from the PTA.