Anyone heard of these guys?!

They sound like another unproven, low ranked directory to me. And if you’re not doing an energy audit, what kind of green inspection are you going to do? Will you tell them to switch to solar or pv’s? Will you suggest using the sun angles and house orientation to add or remove overhangs, shading devices, or ventilation?

I have a suspicion that this company is just a vendor for energy star or other friendlier products. They might try to sell you as a type of inspector that you’re not. In my opinion, a green inspection outside of energy audits should include household cleaning products and other misc. items. Is that something you want to be liable for?

I broke the habit of signing up for every low priced directory that came my way. Sure the exposure might be there, but enough of these inexpensive directories add up. And it is sometimes hard to track where people found you.

Once again, my opinion. That’s all.

I aint signing up for nothing. Just got a spam email from them and wanted to know if anyone has heard of them!

Yeah. I think I got that too. I put em in the trash bin where they probably belong. Isn’t it amazing how many calls and emails we get from companies swearing they’ll put us at the top of the search engines? Didn’t realize it was that easy.

I was told: if all else fails person with the most links wins.