Solar Systems


this ones ok
always wonder what my origin system is like though

These are pretty awesome!..

lol still laughing

Showing your age Brian …Tase?

Required? No.

Do I inspect them? Yes, I do visual inspections of solar panels (certain limitations apply).

I was at the mall this evening, and there was a Solar City guy being a bit pushy, so I told him if he could answer one simple question, I would listen to his spiel:

When the roof under the panels needs to be replaced, who pays to remove and reset the panels?

Needless to say, I didn’t listen to the rest of his spiel. I hope I didn’t make him cry.


Before I had my solar installed I had 40 year shingles installed .
I have been told shingles under solar panels last longer then others .
AT 80 years I do not think replacing the shingles will be my worry.
Glad we did put in a solar system . 2010… 8,000 watts
Ontario looks like it is doing well in alternate energy .

I spend several hours today with a guy who installs solar systems for a living. Not a salesman, but an actual installer who knows all the in’s and out’s and local codes.

It was very educational.

Good for you great when you can get a chance like that .

No, but I would if it’s a rooftop PV system…my former business partner ( we developed student housing projects together) went into Solar big time and I tagged along on 25-30 installations and thought hard about partnering with him again until Florida killed it’s incentive program in 2010-11… He went to the islands ( perfect market there) and I stayed behind …if and when my neighbor takes out 4 big pine trees I will stick a 10kw system on my roof

You all have that chance…Ask Away!

It was.

I have since added a solar section to my inspection template.

If I see panels, I’m prepared.