Solid brick exterior wall info - 1975 home

I have recently ran across two different homes. Both built in 1975 that have a single course exterior wall made of a painted manufactured brick/block that is roughly 12 - 14" long x 5-6" tall x probably about 6" thick, with a textured finish surface. Settling in both home had caused cracking that allowed visible daylight through the wall. Has anyone seen this type of brick, what in particular it should be identified as? Google searches have not allowed me to determine definitely what its was called, and made of, concrete block, brick, etc…

Pictures would help to identify it.



Exterior Brick wall (unconventional brick) has cracking, including step cracks, that are large enough to see daylight through.There has been settling also.

I recommend a qualified structural engineer assess the unconventional bricks, cracks and settling to make a recommendation to repair or replace said defects to insure the home is structurally safe and has structurally integrity.

Thank you! I agree, like you said unconventional brick. I am very curious if it is hollow core, more similar to concrete block or an actual brick. Both times I have come across this as an exterior wall, similar cracking occurred. Probably mostly due to the fact the the foundation below these walls in both cases transitions from a footing/stem wall foundation to a slab on grade.
Your recommendation is nearly exactly as I reported it :grinning: but, after my second encounter with this particular brick. I’m becoming curious about its composition.