Solve this algebra problem

Oh, you found it huh!
I remembered some trick like that but don’t know why it was.

Anyone say 12 yet? LOL

Nope. Multiplication operations are performed before addition.

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Five A equals 10, therefore A equals 2.
A plus B equals 9, therefore B equals 7
B minus C equals 4. therefore C equals 3

Therefore B+(C*A)= 13

Send me some Calculus next time!

This was painful because the forum does not allow for math logic so I had to spell it out. lol



Multiply, then add!

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Don’t walk under any ladders, Don’t break any mirrors, Don’t spill any salt, And don’t walk by any black cats… 13 :innocent:

The answer is 13.

13 sir…

13 because you have to multiply before you add…

13 is my final answer

Some quantitative analysis would be nice or probability distribution it very simple statistics that demonstrate the power of numbers. (That also helps if you like gambling :sweat_smile:)


20-13 = 7
7+ 3x2 = 13

20 the wrong answer - 13 the correct answer = 7

The answer is 20

The answer is 2 pairs of gloves.

  1. Always carry extra gloves= 10 pairs should do
  2. When first handling IR camera= wear gloves
  3. If IR camera is not leaking gas= no gloves needed
  4. If IR camera is leaking gas= wear 2 pairs of gloves
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Lol… now that’s funny!

Answer is 13. Basic order of operations equation.