First one to solve this Algebra problem wins a pair of these.

Solve this Algebra problem:

Post your answer here, on this message board thread.

Don’t back-edit your posts or you will be disqualified from winning.

Post more than one answer if you like, we will use your last answer.

First one to correctly solve the problem will be shipped a pair of these:

Shipping included as well.

Good luck!

The answer is 20

yep 20

Lol that’s off Facebook.

13 is answer

You guys were wrong because the key is to multiply the last line before you add the result.

Get your answers in. We’ll announce a winner soon.


Multiplication before addition.

Take your best guess.

13 is my answer
Bob is right

Take your best guess.

Yep, I’m out of it. It was fun anyway.

  1. In Algebra, there is a rule called the “Order of Operations”. Bob is correct. Multiplication comes before addition.
  1. I used to love algebra, not so much anymore.

Is it 15 Nick?

It’s 13. Now what we need is a calculus question.

It is 13, i added a 4 instead of a 3. 13 final answer

PEMDAS still rules!

Yes, “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally”. :smiley: