Solve this algebra problem

  1. Need more characters.
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I believe it’s 20

I’m going with 13

yes it’s 13

You did this last year Nick

Proper algebra; multiply first then add which would equal 13 but speedy math of sum and then multiply equals 20…

2(7+3)= 20

I got 20…

It’s 13
PEMDAS fellas…
7 + 3x2 = 13


Ye guys and your backwards math!! :stuck_out_tongue:

from here the answer is 20.

  1. Do the multiplication before the addition. Took me a minute (maybe longer) to remember back as far as primary school. Only been ___ years! Have a wonderful holiday everyone.
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Your answer to your equation is correct, however there are no parentheses in Nick’s equation. Pay attention to the mathematical order of operations.

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Which would be multiplication addition subtraction.
7 plus (addition) 3 multiplied (before addition) 2 equals 13.
I’m pretty sure even without parenthesis you still go with that order.

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Agree… :smile:

7 + 3x2 = 13

Well try this one 7 + (3 x 2 )= 13
So now they are both right. LOL

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@cevans before you reply to my last post, my apologies. I read your post wrong. Ignore my last post.

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I only took general math, but it 20.