Looking for before and after shots.

Does anyone have any before scans of poor performing older doors or windows and then after shots of newer doors and windows that were installed for comparison that they would be willing to share. Thanks.

Here is a before and after of lack of insulation.


Thanks Brian. Have only had the camera a week and I am tryig to build a gallery to work with for various presentations I am setting up for potential commercial clients to show the capabilities of the cameras. One of which is my brother-in laws company which manufactures and installs doors and windows. After doing scans in my home and his already he would like me to do a presentation to his partner at the factory shortly as he thinks he can use me in some form of Quality Control and marketing capabilities to show clients of before and after scenarios with their doors and windows. Will it fly? Who knows but we are going to look into a trial run.

I would like some as well. I am doing a 10 minute presentation next wekk for my BNI group and would like to be able to show the group what IR is all about rather than just tell them.