took some nice pics

Hey guys

took these today with my i7


Whats wrong in the photos?

i think it needs a new roof…

vs needing insulation?
How did you decide that?

Looks like a bunch of reflections to me without a picture of a moisture meter confirming otherwise.

looks like sloppy insulation with air breachs, or one that needs to be re raked in the attic if blown in, ( hills and vallyes). Hard to tell with out more information and an attic shot as well. sometime trusses show up due to thermal bridging as well and there could be voids along them.

here is 2 i took the other day, place was renovated during the summer looked awsome till i turned on the camera and found this all over the house, just a crappy insulation job. No care taken to placing and installing the bats.



Yeah! They’re in the cathedral ceilings/walls and not high in the truss/rafter corners under the peak.

In all seriousness, the batt installation is probably typical today. During the first energy crunch from 1974-75 to about 1985, Owens-Corning asked contractors to come to their training facility for insulation installation training, which insulted most contractors until they were shown the test wall they had insulated with voids/misses. The other side of the wall was an environmental chamber that they cooled over lunch and IR scanned after lunch.

well…when the insulation is soaking wet and the moisture meter deeps non stop where ever i put it…

i did not ‘‘decide’’ that, i just pointed out the facts

LOL great find Patrick .


OK ,was missing that part in the first post.
Good find.

Nice Patric. Bon job.
I see BOB has the smarts to say I am sorry. Any one else ?:slight_smile:
Patric what store in Montreal did you get you IR.

nice pictures,

A photo worth more than a thousand words.

Better than falling through a rotten roof!


Beauchemin, Marc-Andre
Brossard, Quebec, Canada :slight_smile: