Someone in IL help me. Get me a copy of Friday's Chicago Sun Times. NACHI article.

I am told that NACHI has a nice write up in an article in the real estate section.

Please buy me a copy and send it to:

Nick Gromicko
1750 30th Street
Boulder, CO 80301

Thanks in advance.

Why buy?,HOF-News-prairietower20.article

I think I would of bumped those number up significantly…if I had chance to mention it at all…](*,)

I can’t complain. Currently most new condo buyers don’t hire any inspectors to do walk-thrus before closing, let alone NACHI certified inspectors.

The article almost sounds like you were interviewed by a Chimpanzee…:smiley:

Had a lady want me to do her condo in Chicago. She was SHOCKED that I would ask for over $200.

I tried to explain to her that 2 hours in traffic, $20.00 to park, 2 hours to inspect and then report time, I’d end up paying her. Didn’t mind losing that job! :smiley:

I will be following up on this with the author, give her specifics about local conditions.

You would not believe the new condos I have seen, let alone the conversions.

I had the same thing in mind when Nick mentioned 250-300…my god, what was he thinking…:shock:

Unless of course it was a clerical error…:twisted:

I bet he wouldn’t get a CMI to do them for that chicken feed…but then again he might…:smiley: …after reading whats going on in Florida from the CMI president…:shock:

I’ll send you a copy, Nick.

Please do not mention the CMI president, it makes me want to
start crying.

BTW… I have started doing $49 phone inspections. When people
call me, they first send me a check or credit card number. Then
I ask them to hold up the phone and scan the house. I tell them
that it looks “good from here”… and that’s it. I fugure I should be
able to do 50 of these everyday before lunch.

Well I tried to give you a Greenie…but it said I did it to recently…sorry John.!

I hear that… condos are going up like wildfire here and rarely hear of anyone wanting them inspected. Most people assume because it’s new, it’s ok. I wish that was true.

Brownstones and townhomes are thriving too…:smiley:


Everytime I try to give anyone a green box, it tells me I can’t.

whats up?

Nice job Nick. :wink: