Soot on light fixture?

What you think caused the soot stains on this light fixture in the kitchen. I did not see any candles?


Candles or not. That really looks like ghosting to me…


What are some other things that would cause this? I left the light fixture on for the entire inspection. NOT hot. I could not get above the fixture from the attic.


I thought I saw parallel lines on the ceiling. I agree with ghosting.

Dirty furnace filter, candles, smoking, fireplace, really poor house keeping, etc. Anything that will create dirt in the air. The fixture doesn’t have to get hot. Just a different temperature so that condensation is a little more than elsewhere. The microscopic particles then cling to the condensation leaving the ghosting when it is gone.

I think what is happening is, the heat rises around the light in somewhat of a ‘stream’ or chimney effect moving particles of dust, etc with it. When the stream of heat hits an object, some of the particles stick. The darker spots behind the lights are from heat coming out from the back of the lights fixtures.

gas fireplace?

Burnt pizza?

Direct vent gas logs fireplace.

well i would have been more suspect of ventless Buck, but it was worth a shot…

Don’t rule out that at one time the wrong bulbs may have been installed. What you see today, may not have been there yesterday. Those mini-spots get pricey after awhile.