SOP and heating equipment

Standards of practice state:

3.4 E states: You are not required to activate heating, heat pump systems, or other heating systems when ambient temperatures or other circumstances are not conducive to safe operation or may damage the equipment."

I’m curious how many people operate the heating system during the summer then switch back to A/C?

If the temperature is 80 degrees and the house has been running in the A/C mode all day. The house is a gas operated furnace.

Do you not test the furnace, and state it may damage the furnace?

I use best judgement. Sometimes, I turn off the A/C leave the fan on, for 15 minutes then come back turn on the furnace. Run it for 10 minutes, test the registers to see the temp coming out. Then return to the thermostat. Turn off the furnace, leaving the fan on for 15 minutes and then turn the A/C back on.

Anyone see anything wrong with what I’m doing, what you doing?


Stephen Rager

A little info here

I run all of it.

I do the same as you Stephen. Turn off the AC, wait 20-30mins and crank up the furnace to test. Wait 20-30mins and turn the AC back on. I asked a trusted HVAC engineer in town and this is what he suggested. He started talking about pressures and temperatures until my eyes glazed over and my brain locked up.