SOP confusion in MN

Every now and then I compare my report to the SOP to verify that Im covering everything and today I have experienced some confusion regarding the electrical section, i had not really noticed before that in ‘the inpector shall inspect’ at letter G is service grounding and bonding, In ‘inspector not required to check’ at letter K is ‘verify service ground’ Im certainly no electrician but i know a little bit, and i figured if the main panel has neutral and ground bars connected then its bonded and my tester should not show ‘open ground’ which i always report. Seems like a contradiction but i know im just missing something. I suppose could be referring to the actual grounding of the enclosure but I was taking it to mean the system.
mike in MN

System grounding has nothing to do with a receptacle showing open ground. Entirely different functions and totally independent of each other.

“Inspecting” and “verifying” are also independent of each other.

We “inspect” for the system grounding, but we are not required to “verify” the ground. If you don’t/can’t see the ground source, report it as undetermined.