SOP Electrical panel

After watching online course last week
Stated in Sop we are not required not to remove panel cover.
Principles of Home Inspection, System and Standards second edition 7.6.9 is what I was taught, I will continue to open just wondering what you all think.


Correct. You are not REQUIRED to. Because from time to time, you’ll be in a situation where removing the panel cover would be unsafe.

Not required and not allowed are two different things

A realtor one day tried to push me into opening one, there was moisture leaking from inside out and on the outside and severe rust. I just said no, I don’t have to. He said he wanted to know where it was coming from. :roll:

How to Perform Residential Electrical Inspections, is a great course. If I can safely get into the panel, the dead front is coming off, so I can see what’s going on in there. It would be pretty hard to inspect the electrical components without taking off the cover.

Here is some great advice from a man, I consider a true friend:

”For all of the home inspectors out there that are struggling with electrical inspections: Take your time, and study hard. You can’t put a price on the classes at InterNACHI. Every instillation is different, every inspection is different. Don’t stop your education. Learn, Learn, Learn. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to someone who might know more than you on the material and don’t be shy about it”.
Paul Abernathy

Techincally, you’re doing ‘live work’ simply taking the covers off an electrical panel. And while the morbidity/mortality stats are most likely low on this one particular task, there are some steps that could be taken to enhance the safety of doing so

First and foremost would be to de energize, which in our American system means the main , or remote main for an MLO

The Canadians isolate their service entrance within a panel to it’s own compartment btw, our manufacturers simply don’t have our safety in mind as they do.

There are many overstuffed panels out there that are problematic , their conductors press up against the screws holding the covers, some even have a latching mechanism where they’ll get caught.

Good luck and play safe out there


You should have handed him your screw dirver:mrgreen:

I would told him the moisture is likely coming from puffy clouds in the sky, then tell him about this cool book :cool:

or if he prefers a little rap music...