Sorry Charlie no stove today

I don’t know about you but I am sure IR temp sensor would pick that up real quick.

Alright lets put this thread to bed.

First I observed a hot spot at the blade connection that was about 100 deg. past the rest of the panel.
An inbalanced load (possibly) and a temp difference of the breaker and the wire.
A small buzzing sound.

My guess (yes I guessed) was a loose connection or bad breaker which is what the report said could have been potentially. I then said that an electrician should repair as needed. I found a problem and said a specialist should make the appropriate repair on my findings. I didnt need to break open the secret thermal code book to know this was not correct.
Anyone who has scanned a few panels can figure out that this scenairo is not normal or acceptable, no scientific evaluation is needed for this one.

I went back out to the property after they changed the breaker and scanned it again. Magically the buzzing was gone and the breaker was balanced with the same exact load applied.

NO need to get techinical anything with this much of a difference, it was obviously overheating in 30 degree weather.

And for the record, home buyers like PIP. I know us thermal folks don’t but the home owner can’t comprehend all this info, and they need it simple.
I also do use my camera for smoke and mirrors as much as a tool. It seems to bring me specific business from people who want me to inspect their homes because other guys dont have thermal. Why would I not market that I have it and it works for me. I personally like money.

Do I call out all curiosities i see, no I don’t and frankly dont have the time to spend getting too deep in a panel. I have a routine and I stick to it. I know finding that breaker impressed the hell out of the guy buying the house. My business model does not include a detailed load check of all circuits in the panel, but if an obvious exception shows itself then I call it out.

I stay within my range of training and knowledge and use it to find problems. WHen I gain experience and more training I will probably find more issues.


Just keep on keeping on your learning just like the rest of us did you are doing just fine don’t let the nay sayers get to you:D

Who do you think?

Read again. My point is that someone with a thermal camera should not see something warm and call someone else in to figure it out. It is not the electricians job, it is the “Camera Owners” job to determine what is wrong, and what needs to be fixed, and why.

So you end up with an “Indirect temp reading” that has a low delta-t and you walk on by. Thermal Imaging is not just about temp measurements. Besides these devices can not properly correct for “apparent temperature”. And of course you are fully aware that an uncorrected temp measurement gives an exponentially wrong delta-t?! Right?