South Florida Chapter helps victims of Charley

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South Florida Chapter of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors help victims of Hurricane Charley

On Saturday, August 14, members of the South Florida Chapter of NACHI responded to the call for help from our members on the other coast of Florida. The Southwest section of Florida had a direct hit from Hurricane Charley.
Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte were two of the hardest hit. Mike Zwerin, Palm Beach County, and David Keough, Broward County, made calls to fellow members to help out. They collected over 600 pounds of supplies. Some of the supplies were water, flashlights, food, baby supplies, toys, propane tanks, tarps, toiletries, cleaning supplies and a large quantity of pet food.
On Sunday, David Keough and Eddie Keaton of DEA Home Inspections loaded up and delivered the supplies to Punta Gorda. These and other members can be found at
At 1:00 they had arrived at one of the only fire stations in Punta Gorda still standing. They met with fellow NACHI member and firefighter Todd Schalbe and future NACHI member and firefighter Robert Dobson. The four of them unloaded the supplies which were already earmarked for some of the victims of Charley. Todd was very thankful for the efforts taken by the South Florida Chapter. Todd and Robert had to get back to search and rescue but promised that the supplies were very much needed and would go to the deserving.
Special thanks go to all the members and their families that were able to donate in such a short period of time. These members are: Mike Zwerin of MTC Home Inspections, Ron Sabac of Inspect Now, Inc., Thomas Glynn of Five-O Building Inspections, Sydney Smidt of S Florida Home Inspection Associates, Eric Atkinson of E.T.A. Home Inspections, Jon Durden of Accurate and Reliable Home Inspections, Eddie Keaton of DEA Home Inspection Team, Marc Goldenberg of All Tropic Home Inspection Services, Sam Denton of Sam Denton Home Inspections.
Others in the community helped out which we are very grateful. They include Dr Jan Zwilling, who donated of 70 boxes of pet food, Dodi Fuller, Maggie and Jimmy Crane, and Joe Keough Sr. Every little bit helps in times of need.
The NACHI Foundation is also collecting cash contributions to be distributed to the victims of this terrible disaster.
All who can donate any amount of money please go to paypal and send contribution to

Thanks Again to all who participated
Dave Keough
Prouder than ever member of NACHI

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Hi to all,

Dave, Mike and all the other Floridian members who helped out.

If this is not the best of what NACHI is all about, I don't know what is !!

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Thanks guys (and gals)



Gerry Beaumont
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from the NACHI Foundation.

One of the prime reasons for being a contributor to the Foundation, is just this type of catastrophic event. With us being adequately funded, WE, as in the general membership, would have the ability to respond much faster to those in need. Bringing more valuable supplies and aid. This is part of our long range goals and commitments. Hopefully this will never happen, but we could be needed in your very own neighborhood.

Thanks go out to all of the members that have or will have contributed to the relief fund.

Thanks again everyone


NACHI Foundation VP