Southern Colorado NACHI chapter

Several inspectors have expressed interest in getting the Southern Colorado NACHI chapter meetings going again. Please post if interested or send me email at so we can discuss particulars. The website for the chapter is located here

I did send email to the local inspectors for which I did have contact info for, so if you did not recieve email from me, please email me and I can add you to the distro list.



As you know, I’m in Pueblo. I would be interested depending on the meeting location and the number of times per month.

It would be nice to meet with some of our fellow inspectors in the area.

My preference of course would be to meet somewhere on the South side?
Maybe just once or twice a month to start?

Count me in.

Craig Barger
No Surprises Home Inspections


We are thinking once a month to allow folks plenty of time to attend, also we are looking into the possiblility of the meetings being held on the south end of the Springs…more info will be forthcoming on this.

Glad to hear that we have an interest in restarting the NACHI meetings again.
The monthly meetings are a great place to share information, cameradarie, and learn more about
the inspection industry. Since the downturn in the RE industry, it would be good to swap ideas
and information on how each of us is faring as home inspectors, and we welcome any
new folks to the inspection business as well. CE credits are icing on the cake…
I will heartily support the chapter meetings, and I know NACHI would help us with some
of the details of managing and promoting our meetings as well.
I’d like to keep it once a month, would prefer an evening event (like 6:30 or 7:00PM)
and would also like to have an agenda for each meeting, with possibly a guest speaker
or a topic of discussion for each month.
James Krumm runs the NACHI meeting up in Denver, and I attended their meetings once or twice in years
past. I’m sure I could contact him for ideas on making our meetings interesting,
and inviting to attend.
Keep in touch,



I agree with what you said. We can use the first meeting to discuss everything we want to accomplish going forward, such as format, training, speakers,etc. Thanks for the very useful input and I look forward to working with you on getting this going again.