Southern Colorado NACHI Chapter meeting in Colorado Springs on October 11, 2007.

I just wanted to thank Hank and the other inspectors at tonights meeting for allowing me to attend and talk. It was great putting faces with some of the names I see online and getting your input on things. I hope I was able to give some helpful tips you hadn’t heard of before.

Thanks for helping at the meeting Dominic.

Hey NACHI.TV fans, Dominic shot a show with us on Friday regarding inspector software which runs on MACs, show will aire soon.

Dominic showed us the software at the meeting. Looks good and easy to customize. Plus he has a great price for NACHI members! Home Inspector Pro Inspection Software

Yeah, it’s only $400 for the entire package if you are a NACHI member.

Thanks guys. I’m glad you thought the program was easy to use Hank. We loved being in Colorado. The sky was beautiful, the people were extremely kind, and the tree colors were unbelievable. If my fiance gets her way we’ll be moving there soon!

We are hoping the new version of our software, version 2.5 will be out at the end of this week or the beginning of next week. 2.5 will add the ability to add photos anywhere in the report from an extremely easy interface. Our testers are liking it so far, we just have a few things to finish up to make sure everything works smoothly.

Well hurry up and move here. I think we may be able to find you a home inspector.

Haha, I’ll know who to call :slight_smile:

We actually went around and checked out some homes on Sunday. The prices were amazing compared to here in Southern California. We checked out a new building project on the west side of the 25. I think the development was called Gold Hill Mesa. A 4 bedroom house with 3 bathrooms at 2000 square feet finished (I think it was 3000 including the basement) was around $320,000! Here in California that would cost well over $500,000, if not more. We’re hoping to go back and check things out in a few months. I’d really like to see some of the properties that were on 1-5 acres and had older homes on them.

Compared to California you will find a lot of good deals.

Hi Dominic,

Thanx for coming to the meeting and the SEO tips. Its ROCKTOBER in Colorado.