Southern State Inspectors

Last week I was in an attic and got a temperature reading of 160 degrees. I was thinking about my fellow southern inspectors who see 100 plus degree days and how it must be in one of those attics.

What do you guys do down there to prevent cooking?

I got myself one of these a few years ago.

If there is not a crawlspace, the attic (this time of year) is my last stop. First I shoot a temp reading to see what I’m dealing with before I go in. If it’s extremely hot I make sure I have everything I need, i.e., moisture meter, fresh flashlight, camera, etc. so I won’t have to make a second trip. Pretty much just knowing your routine and doing it fast. I also take several more general pictures than usual to view later. Oh, and a cooler with water waiting in the truck.

Don’r over do it!!! :wink:

Always liked the crawl space with a discon trunk line blowing nice cold air. I tend to really look over that area lol.

Wet towel will do the trick…you keep your head and wrist cool, all is well…also stay hydrated. I always have water or gatorade with me on an inspection.

Worse case you simply disclaim it and why… if necessary, I will go back when it cooler.


I drink a lot of water and powerade. The attic is the last thing I do before I move to the inside. I always crank the AC before I get started. You could always do what some phone and cable guys do, cut holes in the flesible ac ducts.

Just kidding! It ticks me off when I see that.

lots of water, change of shirts/shoes,socks.

usually will be ok except for Thursdays inspection when the 4800sf masterpiece :roll: did not have AC. The inside was a mere 90 F while the attic was 115+.

Which is why you carry duct tape…it if works on Nascar’s traveling 200mph…it should work on flex duct. :mrgreen:


Exactly, this is exactly what I do. Most inspections are scheduled for 8am.

With the cool vest on in a 160 degree attic, that would make an awesome IR image.

155 yesterday afternoon. Just one of those things we get used to, sort of…after we stop sweating.;-):D:D

I do the attic last in those conditions, that way I don’t soak the rest of the house during the inspection. :shock:

I use sweat glands. It’s advisable to carry an extra shirt.

The cool vests are great, however. Used to use them in the nuclear industry, inside the reactor buildings.