Entring a 159 degree attic has benefits...

Yeah theres the actual inspecting, looking at the roof sheeting, insulation, venting etc…

BUT, after coming out of the attic, the 95 degree temp feels like AC! :mrgreen:

That’s the evaporation of your wet shirt. :wink:

Stay cool man, drink some water.

I keep a cooler in the truck filled with water and gatorade. I’m home now, in the real AC

I try to make sure I drink 4 to 1 ratio of water/gatorade… AND to keep my visits in 150+ degree attics to a minimum.

Sounds funny, I’ve asked folks “not to forget about me” when I go up

Nothing funny about the hell we go through daily for f-king pennies if you ask me :frowning:

If you’re not happy, add to the bill, Mike.

I’ve done very well this year. It isn’t fun, but I do get paid for it.

Tim, yeah only Gatorade is too much sugar, but you need some to replace the electrolytes, I make my own (I don’t make it, i buy the powder and mix it) , i guess I’m a bit cheap, and i make it quite a bit weaker than suggested.

Mike I am truly glad you have found a career you enjoy.

Many do like and enjoy the career of home inspecting.

Personally it is not for me. I consider myself VERY good at it and my clients seem to love me but I personally hate the job and the pay that many feel the job is worth.

I do see what many enjoy and like about it but the negatives out way the positives for me at this time in my life.

Sorry to her that bro. I do enjoy the feeling of helping folks, weather its teaching them about their new home, and sometimes dodging a bullet that a flipper made look pretty. I am not the cheapest guy in my neck of the woods and do make a decent living, If I did this for $35k a year (not saying what you make, its none of my business, i have no idea, i don’t care) i may not be liking it so much though.

It is the work I do not like. The heat, dirt and many times stink of it. I would prefer a job that I do not get dirty and smelly doing at this stage in my life 43. I had thought my days of physical labor were behind me many years ago.

Days of physical labor…I hoped they were gone, but i find myself back, I chose inspecting as its LESS physically demanding than construction/contracting. I had about a year or two when i did both, and I was so glad when I quit building a fixing stuff. I’m catching up to you at 39 myself.

We are still young! I play soccer on the same team as my 19 year old kid, age is a mindset Mike! I’m hoping to have my 15 year old daughter play with us too when she’s old enough (if my knees hold up).

Be careful, that heat can kill you before anyone realizes you’re missing!

And you won’t feel it coming on…

I’ll tell you a funny story that happened to me just last week. I was running an excavator up in the mountains and somehow turned on the heater instead of the A.C. The cab is surrounded in glass so it takes a long time to heat up. Anyway, I’m diggin’ away for about 3 hours, going through water like crazy, and I finally run out of water. So I decide to take a break to get some more. It’s almost dusk at this point. When I opened the door of the cab, it felt like a blizzard hit me. The difference in temperature must have been 50 degrees. My teeth started chattering. I couldn’t believe how cold it got while I was digging. And then I realized, it was the temperature inside the cab that had gone way up. It creeped up so slowly that I never noticed until I opened the door.

Now that’s funny!

If you don’t realize your doing stupid stuff when your in the heat, it may be all over before you know what hit you!

Been there, done that, Too!

It’s too bad you’re not enjoying it. Are you back at work now? I thought you were out for awhile.

You were drinking those margaritas again. Huh ?


Was 101 F. in the attic I did on Tuesday here in Maine. I did not stay very long. :):smiley:

I wear a cool vest on top of a t-shirt to help. This week it’s been in the 90’s all week with heavy humidity too. Inspecting in general is wearing me out but that attics this week are crazy. I always wonder how people in states like Arizona handle the attic when the outdoor temps are 110.

Put an entire cooling system in my cousins attic 2 wks ago with temps in the 90s, with my full cover overalls on…good times :slight_smile: