Space At Units

What are the working space requirments around hacr equipment.


Working Space
****Working space about electrical equipment that is likely to “require examination, adjustment, servicing, or maintenance while energized must be provided in accordance with Table 110-26(a). The working clearance must be in the direction of access to the equipment, or the part of the equipment, that is likely to be worked on while there are live exposed parts. It is very common for service persons to examine or test this equipment while it is energized.

**Generally, this working space is 30 inches wide and 36 inches deep. Compliance with this working space rule requires that consideration be given to providing safe access at the time the equipment is being installed. Clear working space is required in front of access panels on this equipment. **

Thank you for the reply, will the space always apply, even for those that are existing.

That may depend upon who is evaluating.

A home inspector will note the issue, regardless of past or exisiting building codes, as a matter of concern if he feels the limited access could endanger anyone or could effect the life/care of the equipment.

An AHJ might take a different view.

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here is the code from 2003 IRC mechanical section:



Thank you for your help.